7 Deadliest Entrepreneur Mistakes

The 7 Deadliest Mistakes That ALMOST Every Entrepreneur Makes... And How You Can Fix/Avoid Them TODAY!

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The 7 Mistakes That Led Me To Bankruptcy

From the Desk of Theo Godson
Dear Entrepreneur,

For  over 10 years I was running my businesses, enjoying average levels of success until a series of events led to my bankruptcy, losing everything and going into debt.

In analyzing my situation and searching for solutions, I discovered the deadly mistakes I made that led me to that state and I eventually fixed them, I also discovered that these mistakes were very common amongst many entrepreneurs.

I decided to put together 7 I consider as the deadliest of them all and that have the most drastic effect on you and your business.

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In the 7 Entrepreneur Mistakes eBook, I share with you these deadliest mistakes, how you can also fix them or avoid the pain and rapidly increase your results.

It took an extra 2 years of searching, learning and testing these theories and I have seen they work across whatever industry you are in, whatever type of service you provide or whatever you sell. These are the foundational principles and strategies EVERY Entrepreneur who wants to grow a successful business should learn and implement in their business to get amazing and tangible results.

Losing EVERYTHING Broke Me But Then...

I am grateful for the bankruptcy experience simply because it gave me an opportunity to rediscover me, my purpose and all of the amazing assets and opportunities I had to really get the results I needed and to build the dream life I desired.
The best part for me was getting absolute clarity where my heart and passion lie, the connectedness of everything I've ever explored, attempted or even built in the past and importantly how to put them all together to fuel my dream life.

I made my life's mission to help other entrepreneurs discover and travel easier and better paths to success on their individual entrepreneurial journey, providing the education, the resources, tools, network and opportunities needed to have success.

In the 7 Deadliest Entrepreneur Mistakes eBook, I share the mistakes I have seen to be the deadliest of all the mistakes we as entrepreneurs make whether we're just starting out or we're 10 - 20 years in, most people still make these mistakes, I also added the video training to give you a deeper walk through on what to do to avoid/fix these mistakes and have the most amazing experience on your entrepreneurial journey.

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Fixing these mistakes opened so many doors

I wasn't just concerned about seeking temporary fixes for these issues, I wanted long lasting solutions, knowing the exact things to do, how to do them and when too, all in order to ensure these disaster never occurred again.
I discovered so many hidden secrets, keys and gems that I've been sharing with 100's and thousands of entrepreneurs and business professionals in my space, this took me to new heights and opened so many doors alongside legally high unfair advantages in my niche, market & industry, I want to share these with you to enable you win your own space.
The eBook & Training walks you through how to get your advantage in your niche and marketplace.

From Bankruptcy To Young Business Leader of The Year

One of the feats I am grateful for was being recognized and awarded as the Young Business Leader of the Year in 2021 by the Nigerian Service Awards for my contribution for development and growth in the society.

I also became a Funnel Builder with Click Funnels, building multiple 6 - 7 figure funnels for my agency and my clients.

I also became 10X Marketing Certified by Grant Cardone himself, getting the push to deliver amazing results for my clients, leveraging Customer Acquisition, Revenue Generation and building effective structures and systems to automate and accelerate results.

I relaunched my Digital Asset Management Agency, my media company and kicked off several projects to start rebuilding my Multi-Million Dollar Business Empire

Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO, The Rainmaker, Consultant & Coach

I want you to be able to fix these mistakes that are possibly hindering you from building your dream business and the life you desire. Get Access to the 7 Deadliest Entrepreneur Mistakes eBook & Training, learn and implement the lessons I shared.

A wise man learns from the mistakes of others, it took me 12 years to figure these things out, it shouldn't take you that long.

Here's Why You're Getting It For FREE

These are things I wish someone shared with me when I first started over 12 years ago, at least maybe a few years into my journey, I know it would have taken me 10 years, going bankrupt and losing everything for me to discover them on my own or the 2 years it took me to test these theories and turn them into simple and practical steps to get results.
I know that fixing these mistakes could have tremendous impact on your business and personal life, I did on mine and it's too precious for me to keep all to myself. So here you go! Reaping from my blood and sweat, I give to you FREELY

Sometimes, the best results come from fixing Problems we didn't know we had

The Best Entrepreneurs Learn From The Mistakes & Experiences of Others, Learn From Mine

  • Avoid Mistakes that could be costing you a lot of money
  • Fix the common mistakes that can increase your productivity
  • Grow and scale your business faster
  • ​Clarity on what to do to get greater results
  • ​Learn the lessons that took me 10 years, going bankrupt and great pain to learn

The mistakes you don't know about may be killing your business, get the eBook & Training for FREE to discover and fix/avoid these mistakes today

How would you like to scale your business, without making these mistakes

How would you like to scale your business, without making these mistakes

Over 90% of Entrepreneurs Fail in Their Business, Wanna Learn the Deadliest Mistakes Responsible? Then Get Your FREE Digital Copy Of The '7 Deadliest Entrepreneur Mistakes' Now!

Over 90% of Entrepreneurs Fail in Their Business, Wanna Learn the Deadliest Mistakes Responsible? Then Get Your FREE Digital Copy Of The '7 Deadliest Entrepreneur Mistakes' Now!

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